Free six-part course on encrypting email and securing your network sessions against snooping


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Jeff should have offered it at 99% off the list price of $1mil instead of just giving the house away for free :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I’m glad approachable learning is out there for “regular” folks that could use InfoSec, just presented in an easier-to-digest form.


Does the course covers how to convince your friend and family to use encryption?
If not, I’d say it lacks the most important part. Compared to that, the technical issues are trivial, unfortunately.


six-part course

Six parts, huh? Sounds like a lot of work. Users can’t be bothered to change their passwords from “password123” or “changemerightnow,” they can’t be expected to sit through six lessons on how to set up GPG and OTR and HTTPS Everywhere. Until software companies adopt those things as defaults, all the end-user training (and warning and cajoling and god damn it no do not use “swordfish” as a password) is tilting at windmills. Gmail, I’m pointedly staring at you.


I’m glad this is available. It can sometimes be tough to find clearly written — coherent? — STEM material. It’s too often written like a serialized cookbook of promotional Ritz Crackers recipes.


If available, please link a companion course of comparable quality about all things rooted/unlocked digital voice and text messaging (i.e. phone) use?


I didn’t like that one so I changed it and now I forgot what it was maybe I better step out there too.


Extremely rare that I email anyone these days is there pgp for im like whatsapp?


Regular IM has OTR, but WhatsApp uses some halfassed broken proprietary encryption scheme. If you care about privacy at all you shouldn’t touch anything Facebook-related to begin with.


Ok thanks


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