Encrypt like a boss with the Email Self-Defense Guide


Everyone should do this. Sadly my people like mother never will, she can’t see the point, and so in the end its pointless because not enough people will do this to make it work…

That is the challenge we face really, how to we get a solution that people will turn on to make a difference.

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Unfortunately, I just tried with Outlook/Win 8.1 and failed miserably. I get errors now and the website doesn’t have any suggestions. This is why PGP has a following amongst the hardcore but not the casual user. I’m sad.

Hehhe, angry kitty.

Once you get down to regular failure, where things worked but you think OcelotPreening33185739PatchLobbing is predictable, you’re considered good to go.

That is, to pick a longer phrase or key and then go have private thoughts.

That cat knows something’s amiss.

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This is why computer criminals (identity thieves, data ransomers, etc), particularly extremely sophisticated ones, are probably actually a positive social phenomenon. They are probably the only force which can scare ordinary people into securing their communications.

The key is getting people to see the internet as a hostile environment. The hostile nature of the internet becomes intuitively obvious to anyone who either wants to commit crime (e.g. pirate movies, participate in activism), or who fears the predations of criminals. Personally I prefer the former type, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

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