Freedom Maze: brave, uncomfortable YA time-travel novel about race


The description of the book, when I saw it in this post, intrigued me, so I downloaded it and have just completed it. It’s fantastic. I urge others, young adult or not, to do the same. It succeeds fantastically as a coming-of-age novel, and a time travel story, and it probes issues of slavery, ancestry and racial identity with a deft touch.

In short: loved it, loved it, loved it. I’m adding it to my daughters’ dad-says-you-have-to-read-this lists.

Sounds like a good story.

Incidentally, this may have something to do with why virtually all fictitious time travelers are straight white males. Anybody else is gonna get totally hosed if they go back more than a few decades. (That is, even more so than today.)

Great point.

And although I imagine you’ve seen it, maybe others haven’t:

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