French Parliament votes to imprison tech execs for refusal to decrypt

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Cue French tech companies moving in 1, 2, 3…


Pourquoi les entreprises de haute technologie commencent ailleurs?


I’m sure people in the US are looking at this and knee jerk reactioning ‘We need this!! We must protect the freedoms!!’

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Prison is, after all, a great place to keep freedom for its own protection. Murica!


They cannot put a corporation in prison. I wonder if they could imprison the executives? The USA can’t, so it’s probably impossible.

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they’re baying for blood; I’m sure they’ll find a way.

edit: On a side note, the UN usually sits on its hands with this sort of stuff…what’s going on behind the curtain?

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Let’s hope they don’t let this pass as it would be a terrible idea all around.

With respect to the drama playing through Apple v. FBI, recommended reading (PDF from, testimony from Dr. Susan Landau (who is, frankly, kickass) to the House Judiciary Comm.: "<a href=“” title="Testimony for House Judiciary Committee Hearing on “The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’ Security and Privacy”>Testimony for House Judiciary Committee Hearing on “The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’ Security and Privacy”:

Some international consequences:

"There are also serious international consequences that would stem from Apples' developing code to unsecure its iPhones operating system. As I’m sure members of the committee are aware, when members of the US government and businesspeople travel to certain countries, they bring “loaner” devices with them—phones and laptops that are wiped clean before they leave the US and wiped clean on return. That’s the case even though the devices never have their network connections turned on, at least by the owner. Recommendations for security include such steps as removing batteries from a phone when at meetings (in order to prevent a microphone being turned on remotely) and keeping the device with you at all times. Apple’s efforts to secure the data on the iPhone should be viewed in this light.

There is another international aspect to the FBI’s efforts to unsecure the phone. United States support of human rights is a cornerstone of US foreign policy. It includes strong support for private and secure communications, for such capabilities are a necessity for human rights workers in repressive nations.

There is no question that authoritarian governments in such countries as Russia and China will demand Apple deliver the same software that is it has been ordered to develop to handle Farook’s work phone.50 Apple’s ability to resist such demands is made much more difficult if it has already created the code for US government use.

With the Snooper’s Charter revving up in the UK, I hope the American courts do the right thing so they’ll come here. Oooooofff course, they’ll also look at our politics and do a NOPE.

Bienvenue, mon amis!


Holy crap, the hypocrisy is so dense it reaches black hole levels…


French Fries, surely?

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This says it all

What are these ‘French Fries’? We have FREEDOM fries around here!!

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Shit! I’m French, and I’m trying to keep informed on that kind of shit, but that one went past my radar. I can’t even mail my representative about it: the asshole caved into the mass surveillance trend a few months ago. Was technically a Greens’ associates. I knew we should have kept some kind of purity among the Greens.

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They would probably go after some random engineer, or perhaps a team-lead.


What country still has actual freedom and respect for human rights?

Where can the ethical tech giant safely move?

Thanks for that one. Blew cereal all over my keyboard laughing.

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How the heck did that get attached to my name? Stupid discourse bbs.


If you quote a quote, it get’s credited to the last quoter rather than the original quotee. Which is why there are tons of asshole quotes on the BBS from @frauenfelder and @beschizza where they were just quoting assholes.

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Do you have a substantive comment about Professor Landau’s testimony–did you bother to read anything beyond that one para of the testimony?

It’s mine and I won’t let you have it.

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