Friday Freak-Out: "Psych Out" (1968) and The Seeds


The companion movie was THE TRIP and that Original Soundtrack featured Electric Flag early efforts and the first use of the MOOG synthesizer that I found in pop music. Freak out!

Wow, the 60s are everywhere now. The Sixties TV series.
This post with 60s organ pop music.
And now Arturia just announced a <a href=“"”>virtual VOX Contintental 300 organ simulation plugin.

Does anybody know, why this guy at 3:10 has a swastika at the back of his jacket?

The swastika is an ancient symbol that up until 1920 when it was formally adopted by the Nazi party of Germany was considered benign or even as a good luck symbol. IIRC there was some attempt in the '60’s to take back its ancient use, sometimes using the mirror image version, but, obviously this worked about as well as trying to defuse the ‘N’ word.

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