From our BBS: An amazingly metal cat




I hope he’s not really shouting at that cat.


Like most cats, he really prefers Kenny G.


He’s lip syncing his own song. His name is Shaun Callaghan with his cat, Bill Murray. His band is Give Zombies The Vote.


That makes no sense whatsoever. Don’t they already have the vote?


Such evil creatures would, wouldn’t they?


If you guys haven’t seen it already, you must.


More likely to get Rick rolled by a cat than hit with Kenny G.


Was that cat doing something I couldn’t see or hear, or did I just spend 3:18 waiting a man lip-syncing and dancing around with his cat?


Three seconds in we get the “I’m fucking miserable” sound from the cat. The “you know better: put me down” sound. And downhill from there.


that cat is amazingly tolerant…my cat would have redecorated my face a few seconds into that music.


Man, that cat would do that to Perry Como or Merle Haggard or the Mom and Dads. The cat seems pretty relaxed and happy for some attention, any attention even if it is a silly metal dude’s attention lip synching to his own song(sigh).

An amazingly metal cat would have climbed the walls, torn down a curtain, taken a crap from on top of the curtain rod onto the guy below then smashed through the window while giving the finger, running away with a bag of the guy’s dope in his mouth all bushed up.

At least that’s how the metal dudes I knew acted.

This was just a video of a tolerant cat and a red faced dude.


The BOHICA expression of the cat is priceless.


I was hoping for a metal version of the “bagpipe” cat I can play on my tabby that looks nearly identical. You know, you can get great pitch changes and vibrato out of your ordinary meow with practice.


that dude was a dick - kitty no like. and the song sucked.


I didn’t get the “I’m miserable vibe” as much as I got the “WTF, but as long as it makes my owner happy I’m cool” vibe.


Metal Spider approves!


Not metal but I love this photo of Billy Corgin of Smashing Pumpkins on the cover of Paws Chicago magazine. Here’s a link to the issue - page 22 is the article about him and his kittehs:


Ah, pussies.

I see two heads that aren’t banging. Are we supposed to do something about it?


Amazingly Metal Cat is not so metal. In fact, the dude singing and dancing with a cat just lost his own metal creds.