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So here’s a thought; if we’re stuck with this BBS instead of nice simple inline comments, what can we do with it?

I notice that on The Verge (who seem to manage to have comments and a forum without imploding), their website occasionally has a “From the Forums” entry on the front page; is it possible that if someone wrote a sufficiently high quality long-form post in here that it might get featured on the front page of BB?

Also - can these forums support voting systems? I’m wondering if we could try to do a book club or something, where people could vote on their favourites from the books recommended by Cory et al over on BB, then have a discussion thread over here…


I cannot speak for BB, but I know it has been discussed!

Personally I would be in favor; I think the whole point of forums is to highlight the best contributions with a wide audience.

Best-Of-BBS cross posts on the homepage are a great idea.


With the caveat that we’re not going to try and use BBS as a formal submissions system, the easier it is to link it with the site in creative ways (even it’s just roundups or links) the better

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Hm, I have a one or two thousand word essay I did for a 1st-year biology class a few years ago, got 11/10 for it.

It went into the evidence for evolution, introduced by a history of the idea, concluding with a lament for dumbarse denialists…

Might whip it out.

Although you risk double-posts if you do this. If you post a “from the forums” post on the blog, it will create a new thread in the BBS, instead of letting people go back to the original.

This is not the end of the world; just not the behavior I think I would expect.

I think anything like this would be a ways off as we experiment with the new arrangement. But point taken!

We have a little box in the post form in Wordpress that lets us not start a thread here :smiley: