From the Whole Earth Catalog to Cool Tools


You know, I wasn’t a tool geek until I started reading BB and loving the Cool Tools stuff.

Now I’m a tool geek. I might need this book. Neeeeeed.

Hmmm, The Whole Earth Catalog . . . where have I seen a copy of that lately?


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When I was 15 an important adult in my life gave me the Last Whole Earth Catalog. “Here,” he said, “I think you’ll find this interesting.” Such a gift! My mind reeled with possibilities. We even built a small, (16’) dome that I lived in for a summer. Do something great. Buy this book and give it to a young person. You just might change a life.

“Cool Tools” looks fun and useful. I just pre-ordered a copy. Thanks KK. I can’t wait for it to come…

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Somehow I never saw a copy of the Whole Earth Catalog while growing up, though I wish I did. I do have my Cool Tools catalog preordered, however, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I’m equally excited for my kid’s sake, to watch them look through it and begin to imagine the endless possibilities…

All the Whole Earth Catalogs, especially the “Last” one, were very influential on my intellectual growth. I just looked at the list of authors, and it’s easy to see why. Everyone from Buckminster Fuller to Andrew Weil ( They exposed me to ideas I would have been unlikely to run into elsewhere. It was a thrill when I was asked to contribute a short review of Benoit Mandelbrot’s work in one of the Catalogs in the 1980s.

I was hoping someone would pick up the torch, and I’m glad Kevin Kelley has done so…


Now if only KK could coax Gurney Norman into contributing a 40-years-later update on DR and Estelle (also, of course, Urge)

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Yes! That serial tale in the corners of the pages was one of the very best parts …

awesome book … perfect gift… buying two. thanks for the review. old Bucky… his legacy seems to have no bounds

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