Frontier receives $283.4m/year in taxpayer money, neglects network, rips off customers -- and Trump's FCC won't investigate

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I have Frontier fiber service. About the best I can say is I get the speeds I pay for. Beyond that it’s stupidly overpriced, customer service is terrible, they make you constantly renegotiate rates, we don’t get CBS in Seattle because of a multi-year dick waving dispute with Cox with no end in sight (but we don’t get compensated accordingly), their bundled phone service is laughably archaic, and are consistently unavailable on any network’s streaming apps. They suck but are at least reliable. Overall, things were way better when Verizon ran the show.

My other option is to go to Comcast so I guess I need to pick my battles.

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At least you have a choice.
Technically I can switch to Century Link but they have DSL speeds at best for my area so Comcrap it is.


The funny thing is I always associated the term “frontier” with “places where reliable infrastructure and communications haven’t yet been established.” Nobody celebrates Davey Crockett’s legendary telegram service.


My elderly mother living in suburban Rochester, N.Y. has a choice between Charter and Frontier. She has Frontier DSL because that’s the best they can give her. Last week, she suffered a five day outage and it routinely drops connections. Nightmarish, but I can’t exactly encourage her to switch to Charter, arguably even worse.

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Great. Guess I’m stuck with no choice. Internet should be a public utility.


I have Frontier phone and DSL. Come the Revolution . . . .

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