Frustrated pranksters change sign for accuracy

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OMG is that the valley where they bottle all of the Traffic Jam, I love that stuff! Steve Winwood really brings the flavor.


This makes me miss the days of The Seattle Cacophony Society.


It’s just the thing for when you get up oily in the morning.


I’m sure all the same people who would throw an epic hissy if you were to propose a commuter rail project to the area.


1976 I could get from Cotati to Mill Valley on the 101 in 25-30 minutes tops, and then on to SF in another 10 minutes. Them days is long gone pardners. Just checked the Google Traffic @ 11 AM it’s a looking like an hour…


“People should take the bus! It cuts down on traffic, it saves fuel, and I’d be able to find a parking space!”

–my father, ca.1981


With age comes wisdom, of sorts.


All over this country, people from urban areas have discovered bucolic out of the way places, moved there, and then do all they can to slam the door behind them so newer newcomers can’t “spoil it”. Come to think of it, that’s what Drumpf want’s to do too.


The trick to living in a bucolic, out-of-the-way place is to not have a day job in the big city.


A lot of the people pouring into places like Bozeman, Ashland and Durango are youngish retirees with plenty of money.

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The twice I’ve been to LA, there was this big banner spanning both sides of South Fremont Ave protesting the uncompleted state of 710. My first thought was “Don’t they have sign ordinances in California? Where did the upscale areas of my state get them from if it wasn’t California?” :laughing:

My state is allergic to commuter rail so I don’t know how the argument against commuter rail works out. I can’t get folks past the “it’ll never work in our state, have you seen a map ever?” argument.

Although this is more a protest than a public service, it reminded me of this delightful episode from the 99% Invisible podcast, in which somebody was so frustrated at the lack of a proper road sign for a turnoff that he made one and installed it.


Remote work For The WIN!

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I’m always stunned by the irony of motorists complaining about traffic.

The choice of Optima was a classy touch.

After a few years of begging Caltrans and the NPS, maybe 3-4 years ago, several of my neighbors made their own signs reminding slow drivers to use turn outs and that they must left 5 cars pass, etc. They posted them. 3 months later we got state sourced and approved signage.

People still don’t pull over any more frequently.

Same road this signage protest is on, about 8 miles away.

Honestly, the local county folk sound chipper in the article but that intersection is an engineering marvel, in several studies.

It regularly floods with the tides, at annual peaks in January and June/July it can be unpassable. During a storm, at peak flood it gets super dangerous. Nothing they try helps. In winter they now keep large trucks there to push barriers and cars around.

They’ve added lights and barriers and all sorts of crap to try to squeeze more capacity out of a too small roadway. None of it has helped, they seem capable of making things worse but literally never improve that intersection.

A proposed large shuttle parking lot for the park is on the wrong side of this traffic jam.

The rug store landmark at the intersection has a perpetual sale.

This road regularly proves that Car sharing services should forbid people from taking this route. Inexperienced drivers in City Car Share rentals appear to roll here frequently.

We can dream…

ETA: A modern Ford-class carrier wouldn’t fit under there.

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Reversible AND non-destructive are pretty much the same thing. Saying it twice might keep people from noticing that they didn’t use the magic nails that seal holes when removed. Man, I’m in a bad mood; good prank, good fun!

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