Full House, but with Nick Offerman deepfaked into every role

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Why deepfake it instead of asking Mr Offerman nicely and providing the wigs ?


6 to 1 odds he’d do it.


That title sequence is pretty fucked up. I mean, an average family living in an entire house in the middle of San Francisco.


they all must be software developers. Probably Bandit too.

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Back in the very early nineties, Mark Leyner wrote a novel called Et Tu, Babe. In that book, there’s a model of laser disc player advertised that would automatically replace any character in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jesus, I hope he patented that idea.

How else to explain Mr. Leyner’s description of an interactive computerized laser video player that enables you to take any movie and insert Arnold Schwarzenegger as the actor in the lead role, leading to such chilling cinematic mutations as “My Fair Lady” with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Professor Higgins or “Gandhi” with Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of Ben Kingsley?


You got to remember that show was filmed back at the dawn of time. There was an age when San Francisco had something other than billionaires, homeless, and fruits.

No, I won’t explain what “filmed” means. Look it up. Read some history.

That’s definitely video, not film.

Plus, we prefer “gaywads” to “fruits” these days

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