'Stranger Things' star Millie Bobby Brown DeepFake'd as Princess Leia is pretty convincing

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Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that a 16 year old was deepfake’d into wearing the famous gold bikini?


I would actually prefer to see this kind of casting done

I’m confused what you mean by this. You’d prefer they go back and edit the original to feature the new actor being cast in the follow-up?

I took it as something like, “New tales of Young Princess Leia.”

I’d like to be deep faked into that “gold bikini”, just for shits & giggles mind you.


Well… it looked pretty fake to me, but I’ve also seen the original about a bajillion times (that’s scientific, by the way, I counted). Although on the other hand, Millie Bobby Brown would be a good casting for a young Leia as is, she’s got the look.


I am not;

cough rogue one cough

Good lord. With all the resources available to them and that was the best they could do. Someone please introduce ILM to deep fakes.

Exactly what I was about to say. This is AMAZING but it could have used 100% less slave-girl-outfit. Seriously, what were they thinking when they included that?

It is much, much better than CGI in terms of uncanny valley, but much more disturbing for an entirely different reason.


As remarkably close to the original as the deep fake is, it’s still undeniably MBB. After pausing and studying the side-by-sides I think it’s her mouth that spoils the illusion. Everything else is too close to call to my eyes.

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Wait, what?

I was going to watch this. Now I’m not. Thanks for the heads-up.


That has more to do with how far deepfake tech has advanced in just the last few years than anything else. Kind of like all those digital effects Lucas put in the “Special Edition” versions of the original trilogy back in the late 1990s—it’s not that the effects were bad by the standards of the day. It’s that even the state-of-the-art for that tech wasn’t quite ready for what Lucas was trying to use it for.

Also; did anyone else think something about this new deepfake of Princess Leia makes her look slightly more like Natalie Portman somehow? I don’t think that was intentional but it would help sell the idea that she’s supposed to be related to Queen Amidala.

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I agree they’ve come a long way in the last few years, but even at the time Rogue One was released there were deep fakes much better than what made it into the movie. And I further recognize that there were also advancements from the time the scene was generated and the movie’s release.

But… even what they put in The Mandalorian was pretty poor compared to what’s been possible with deep fakes in the past year, at least.

In thirty years are middle-aged people going to be earnestly critiquing deepfakes of some young actor’s face on top of Aaron Paul’s body in Breaking Bad

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*Science bitches GIF


There weren’t deep learning toolsets available at the time that was made, but regardless, their track record for inserting digital humans into films/shows indicates that they have some room for improvement, agreed.

Yeah; her upper lip is fuller than Fisher’s.

They need to stick with the “less is more” principle for that kind of thing.

A young Anthony Hopkins storming by the camera during a brief flashback on Westworld? Cool.

Turning Peter Cushing’s digitally reanimated corpse into a central character for Rogue One? Off-putting as all get out.


It’s still Carrie Fischer’s body in the bathing suit, no matter whose face they’ve digitally pasted onto it.

I’m not sure photoshopping a child’s face on to the body of a grown woman makes it any better, not when the grown woman is dressed in Slave Girl of Gor fetishwear.

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