Funky Friday" 'Don't Look Any Further,' Dennis Edwards ft. Siedah Garrett, 1984

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While I enjoy the light retro-kitsch of all this, that chewing gum has reduced my inner choir director to a mass of sobbed, incoherent, pleading questions.

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aww yis


I still maintain this was the best Bond theme song of the 80s.

This was the best Bond theme of the 21st century. It just needs a movie to go with.

I forgot I even knew this song.

I think the cringiest bit of the humor here is the links to buy this on Amazon.

Commerce is rarely funny. Which is why, ignored, it becomes beastly in its various manifestations. Like most things.

Speaking of which, did you go see Rakim (or are you going to - when’s he in town)?

Like most things – You’re talking about sex, right!!!

my homies who do A3C were trying to get me to come out when he headlined last year, but I don’t go out anymore.

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You’re not the only one… I get to maybe one show every couple of years! I suspect as my kid gets older, she’ll want to go to more shows.

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