The Ghostbusters teaser shot to convince independent theaters to play the full movie

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Is the video supposed to have the short? I can hear dialogue but no video to go along with it.

Edit: Nevermind, the tweet has the vid (had to click on the link to see it since it doesn’t show on my browser). The YT one is just the music.

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That theme isn’t bad.

But when I hear it whilst looking at that logo, my brain is violently disagreeing that this is the correct theme.

Hard nope. Just wrong.

Isn’t it amazing what 30+ years of conditioning can do?


Yeah the theme is just… ok. I don’t hate it but it sounds pretty 80s generic, the actual theme on the other hand is really memorable and totally slaps.


“Perhaps the greatest comedy motion picture, of all time.” Perhaps, Raymond Stantz, PhD? PERHAPS!?! Nay, it IS the greatest comedy motion picture of all time. A solid 36 years of quotability support this fact.

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The serial killer?


It sounds like the theme song to an 80’s Saturday morning cartoon.


“I’m telling ya, it’s fucking PG!”- Aykroyd



Am i being to pedantic if i say thet they are not in character as but rather in costume as? yes, i think i am


Fixed. :wink:


"This film is going to make ‘E.T.’ look like ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. . . . "

Now there’s a zen koan if I ever heard one.


It’s not even the greatest comedy motion picture spawned by SNL and starring Dan Aykroyd!

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Doctor Detroit?




Help an old out… this means good? I could substitute “rocks” and I’d get the gist?

Also came to say… saw Ghostbusters at the drive-in this summer. And Jaws, Raider of the Lost Arc, some tornado thing with Helen Hunt, Strange Brew, Wayne’s World and a bunch more. Been 10 outings so far, with a few weeks left, so likely a few more. Best summer evar!

Yes indeed. Those young kids keep coming up with weird new ways of saying stuff is good. Not like us old bastards who used simple, clear terms like: rad; wicked; gnarly; tubular; or bitchin.

And man, how luck you are to have a local drive in showing great older films! I hear we’re getting one here in the next six months to a year. Pandemic is bringing them back, and I’m not complaining. Some great memories from my youth of drive in theater visits.

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No, you are not being TOO pedantic.

(And nor am I. It is too, not to!)


As answered previously, Slaps does mean good :slight_smile: usually refers to a really good song but can be used for other things. Also i am definitely a lover of older movies, this past weekend i watched a bunch with my roommate they hadn’t seen like Total Recall, Starship Troopers, A Knight’s Tale and Coneheads. They hadn’t seen any of them so it’s been great having a reason to rewatch them and also get someone’s first reaction to a lot of my favorite scenes.

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