The "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire" trailer looks good

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I noted this yesterday and realised that I hadn’t actually got around to watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife yet. Remedied that last night, and I must say I found it pretty enjoyable!

Certainly I think this one could be fun. I hope they can get over the novelty of having the original cast in the film. Cool though it is, it doesn’t need to be leant on quite so heavily.


Needs Rick Moranis!

Rick Moranis GIF by Ghostbusters


My fam and I have been watching Young Sheldon lately, and I keep thinking the kiddo especially needs to be more familiar with Annie Potts’s earlier work


krishnas holy toenails, is there a special class of screenwriter these days designated as certified for wringing the last precious drop of nostalgia out of a franchise? so… yeah, it looks pretty fun.


I didn’t watch the last movie yet so I don’t know if it was any good, but it’s neat to see that this new one will include both of these guys:



He’d be great, but I respect his decision to fully retire from acting. (As much as I’d love a Spaceballs sequel)


It says a lot about the time in which the first movie was made that the EPA guy was the villain and the irresponsible clowns operating an unlicensed nuclear reactor were the heroes. Ah, those wacky Reagan years.


For the BBS set:


They also realeased this international trailer which is considerably different:


Bring in the all-women team, and they’d have it all.

I’m going to disagree, at least in the context of the 2016 movie. In my opinion it had the entirely wrong tone for a Ghostbuster movie. It would be a lot like having your first exposure to Batman be the Christopher Nolan series and then a decade later they go and make Batman & Robin.

When I first saw Ghostbusters as a kid I thought, hey, that EPA guy seems like he’s trying to be nice and asking some reasonable questions. Why is Venkman being such a hostile jerk?

Of course as an adult with a better understanding of how the world works every time I watch it now I still think that.


Ghostbusters fans: Why won’t the mean old government leave those small business entrepreneurs alone?

EPA: They built a nuclear-powered doomsday device in the middle of a residential neighborhood. To say nothing of the theological implications of trapping tormented human souls in an electronic purgatory. Do they even have a long-term storage plan? Is there a Yucca Mountain for ghosts somewhere?

Ghostbusters fans: Yeah but Vankman is funny!


Love all the '80s icon cameos in the music video. Ghostbusters was such a phenomenon in the late 80s.

Also, if we’re sharing various “busters” related video… this is a classic.


Venkman’s assholery was well established when his character first appeared onscreen doing that ESP test and shocking the male test subject for fun while trying to seduce the young woman. But jerks are often more entertaining characters than straight-laced scientists.


I like it, but the music is way loud and way too much. Doesn’t seem to be setting the right tone for a dramedy about ghosts and slime.

I find ice to be kind of boring but it’s probably just cause I’m from Minnesota. Oh, and the big bad design doesn’t quite fit with what my brain considers to be ghostbustery, but otherwise it looked fun. I liked the 3rd and 4th movie well enough!

It ain’t no frittata scene.

Modern directors could maybe learn a few things from this. Sometimes, if done right, quiet is good.

I think of ghosts as being quite quiet myself. :ghost:


Dude, it’s always the quiet ones.


It is nice to the old crew getting back in to bustin’.

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Along with Peck just doing his job, the university administrator who boots the trio off campus at the start of the film is totally accurate with his acidic comments, particularly about Venkman.


We’d all love a Spaceballs, THE SEQUEL movie. Good luck getting permission from the House of the Mouse to have fun with the Star™ Wars™ references, though. :frowning:


My hot take on the 2016 Ghostbusters movie is that if you file it under “Takes place in an alternate universe that has only tangential connections to the one the original two movies were in”, ignore the legions of people on the internet that took giant stinky dumps on it without even seeing it, and watch it for what it is, it’s actually pretty decent, and pretty damn funny.

And that’s the hill I will die on for that movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I still giggle every time I think about just how spot on Chris Hemsworth played the himbo card in that movie.)