Some favorite TV theme songs


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Even as a bobling, I always thought there was something oddly suggestive about the 3-2-1 Contact theme song.


This will always be my favourite.


A friend of mine bought The TV Theme Song Sing-Along Song Book by John Javna back in the '80’s. There was also a second volume. I’ve been meaning to find both.


OMG I loved 3-2-1 Contact!


No love for The Avengers?


THANK YOU for the 3-2-1 Contact nostalgia trip; I loved that show dearly as well as Electric Company. When did PBS lose its funk?

The decidedly unfunky theme to Big Blue Marble is such a late-70s classic. It even ends with a biracial couple with an Asian kid. So awesome.



Awesome intro, but sadly the show itself didn’t hold up very well :frowning: I was just trying to rewatch it a couple months ago and couldn’t get past the first few episodes

Animaniacs, on the other hand…


I’m just going to post other 80s kids shows intros.


I watched some super crap cartoons as a kid.


Speed Racer!

Groovie Goolies!


I always felt faintly sad when I watched the start of "Taxi"


Henry Mancini is a genius.

Darth Does Dallas:


Some of my favorite lousy shows in the early '80s had very memorable theme songs, nonetheless.


If anime counts, and it should, Cowboy Bebop is the hands-down winner forever.

I have to admit the Steven Universe theme song has grown on me. There’s no reason why I should like it, musically, but the association with the show and the anticipation of getting hit by either a wave of cute or a freight train of feels has lodged it in my brain.


I reserve the right to post more tv themes, at any time. I was trying to turn my wasted time into time well used…


I loved Gimme a Break. Although it tainted my later viewing of “The Wire” as I figured any high-ranking ethnically Polish police official was basically a nice guy who had a hard time dealing with his young daughters at home (which was sort of true with Major Valcheck, too)


This is exactly where I am emotionally as well. Perfectly primed to grin from ear to ear when that extended “Weeeeee” starts up.


What, no love for The Rockford Files?


I love how the opening bass line transitions to the sax - it’s like “This is our setting, but these are our characters.”