Which '3-2-1 Contact' theme is your favorite?


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I was more of a Zoom kid…




The introduction of Luis having Latin theme’d music pissed me off as even a kid. I think he was the only one singled out.


For years my answer would have been this one:

Except the internet informs me that was the theme to “Newton’s Apple”, another PBS kid’s show. (Which is weird because it was a consensus among my peers that it was from 3-2-1- Contact. I think the two shows must have been immediately before or after each other and we confused them for the same show.)


The later iterations could have done without the bong sounds, rattles, and xylophone tickle noises.


OMGWTF?! The Newton’s Apple theme was a Kraftwerk song? I had no idea.
I think my head is imploding.


Man I LOVED - LOVED - 3-2-1 Contact as a kid! I don’t think it was on for too many years growing up. But I loved the science and the Bloodhound Gang!


As usual, the Japanese are light years ahead…


I’m an OG theme man m’self.


This theme:


I admit, 3-2-1 Contact had a catchier tune, but I was a Newton’s Apple kid all the way. It’s been decades later Ira Flatow is still going at it.


Definitely the second one. Needs the trumpets.

Is there anything quite like this show anymore? I feel like such programming is another one of those cases where the potential of CG animation has detracted from a warmer human element.


PBS of the 1980s was truly a golden era of great educational TV.

There was also Square One, Power House (now that was an awesome theme), Voyage of the Mimi (with child actor Ben Affleck), and so much other good stuff.


I have a strange fondness for TBHG episode “The Case of the Haunted House”. Were any of these episodes ported to some sort of modern viewing format? DVD? Streaming? Hell, I’d almost settle for VHS.


I’ve found that lots of PBS shows of the 80s are on YouTube if you look carefully. I’ve found the complete Power House, Vegetable Soup, and several others in the past.


80’s PBS was the best. I’ve spent tons of time over the years trying to track down Square One episodes. The probability haunted house really scares my wife.


Mathnet was my jam.


OH yeah, Square One was really good, I though. Lots of pop culture references I was finally starting to get.


Canadians of a certain age will remember The Body Works theme.