Funky laid-back animation for a deep song of friendship

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I was wondering if you had access to a translation of the lyrics relative to your comment that they get “real deep real fast”. Or do you know Arabic? The song is beautiful and the video is fascinating and I’m interested to know more of the story.


You can get the lyrics in Arabic here:

My fave line (roughly) “Your fate is a moment in the middle of a time of darkness”

The title means (roughy) “Nothing lasts forever”

Thanks Andrea. I was able to get them and put them through Google Translate, which I’m sure provides nuances and constructs not at all aligned with the author’s thoughts! =) Maybe some parts are close:

No one understands how logic works

What is your understanding in the midst of your shouting

but some probably not at all:

A sense in the darkness of your thoughts is miserable, how are you
In the name of unclean cakes, in the voice of the imagination of your melody
She said, “What are you saying?”
A silent people suppress senses and fear visiting a vacuum of silence
Afraid not to live strange show in the traffic congestion steadiness

A journey into the land of unintended poetry!

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