Funny video -- what if Instacart was around in 1998?

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Isn’t a 1990s version of Instacart just Webvan?


Isn’t a 1990’s version of Instacart just PEAPOD?

We were one of the early users of PEAPOD in Evanston IL (I think 1993-ish?) It was not available anywhere else.
Dialup was slow and they did not have a website. Instead, they had 3.5" floppy disk(s) with their software on it. I think it only ran on a Mac. Once it loaded you would then be connected to their server, but I think it just transferred your order. It worked rather well, all things considered.

The wikipedia article says they did not have an actual “website” until 1996. We only used the service for about a year.


Anyone remember Webvan?

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Looks like someone doesn’t know there were such services back then. Kids these days.

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Unless you’re the guy here to deliver the single bag of M&Ms I ordered in 1998 for $0.49 with no delivery fees or included tip, get off my lawn!


Just to add:


I’m here and I only accept FLOOZ as payment.


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