Further thoughts on my Bell Bullitt TT


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Alas, for some reason these have been out-of-stock on Bell’s webstore since your original review…

It is a pretty helmet… :slight_smile: I’d suggest trying RevZilla. I really love their reviews.

“putting my headphones in under my balaclava”

Headphones while riding? Is that even legal?

Neat helmet. RainX should not be used on acrylic. Using Plexus regularly will give the same result.

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In California, its legal if you have the right type of headphones, per

"(d) A person wearing personal hearing protectors in the form of earplugs or molds that are specifically designed to attenuate injurious noise levels. The plugs or molds shall be designed in a manner so as to not inhibit the wearer’s ability to hear a siren or horn from an emergency vehicle or a horn from another motor vehicle. "

I recall a time when riding with earplugs was not legal, but my hearing is more important than a hypothetical ticket, so I wore them anyway. I’m not even sure how you’d get caught - the last time I received a performance award from the CHP, I didn’t even remove my helmet.


Ever drive a car with the windows closed? Or, far worse, while listening to the radio?

A pair of earbuds worn while riding a motorcycle transmits far more noise than closed windows. But car drivers always freak out over the idea.

Hey, I’m a motorcycle rider. I was just under the impression that it was specifically illegal. Apparently not!

I was pulled over once and tried to be discrete when I took out my earplugs- I figure it’s only polite to remove the helmet. Anyway, I dropped an earplug and picked it up in front of the officer and he didn’t say a thing about it.

I also got out of the ticket with just a warning. Maybe taking my helmet off helped.

I misunderstood – oops! But in any case, I maintain that those laws, where they exist, are written by car drivers :wink:

If the officer hears you cranking the Ramones, he may write you a ticket. Beyond that, its totally legal with noise reducing phones and I think the eligibility of plugs/phones as “specifically designed” is officers discretion – at least until you take him to court.

I may listen to light music but mostly I keep my Waze/GPS instructions piping in via the headset and just enjoy the reduced roadnoise a bit. I like to hear my engine, as a long time Vanagon owner I believe listening forestalls problems. I also like to hear sirens, horns and screeching tires.

Did you do a spit take inside of the thing?

I’m riding with this exact same model and colorway now, as it happens!

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I’ve had a license for 20+ years but I never owned a motorcycle, I like this helmet so much that it is making me contemplate changing that.

I notice that the red ring around the hinge is significantly larger than the design you showed in your first post. Are they both available or is the large circle the only option?

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I mentioned the differing ring sizes in my first post. They appear larger in the production version than the early photos – also different depending on which head size you buy.

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