Upset at being honked at Cop declares horn use "road rage"


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Tooting your own horn is bad form everywhere. Doubly so when you claim to break the law in the name of the law.


Round Two!


It’s perfectly legal provided you have your FOP sticker prominently displayed.



Colorado law says “The driver of a motor vehicle, when reasonably necessary to ensure safe operation, shall give audible warning with the horn but shall not otherwise use such horn when upon a highway.”


Well played.


I would, but I feel like I already did.


The picture of mental health, if I ever saw one.


“Excuse me: Am I under arrest? Are you going to write me a ticket? Then do it. I’m a busy person and I don’t have time for you to get upset because your actions are creating a hindrance on the road. I have a recording of this incident which I will happily present to the judge. Write the ticket or let me go.”


This is a Public Safety issue. The cop had to stop his truck and block road because that’s where the Pokémon was.


Asshole Cop: Challenge Accepted
(don’t taunt cops, the entire deck is stacked against you every step of the way)


You are one wise-crack away from murder.


That is an unfair and unnuanced view of cops!

There’s a whole Pantone defined range of murder. Stop being so simplistic you cop hater!


Pantone Range of Acceptable Murders?



Yeesh, you would think he would learn how to drive between now and then.


This guy is really calm and collected for the cop’s asshole bullshit.

“You need to understand that what you did was wrong!” = the problem with cop entitlement, all in one phrase.

(edit to add: You’re not the goddamn upholder of moral virture, badge-jockey, you’re just a douche who was engaging in unsafe driving behavior)


Shouldn’t you deposit this into the Danger! Danger! thread?



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