Future astronaut food could taste like shit


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If it was good ‘nuff for those two girls and a cup…


Just don’t make the toilet and the food dispenser a single module.


And the colour?


Kind of like the Human Centipede.


Our new puppy thinks that this is completely acceptable.


From what I’ve witnessed dogs think human poop tastes like food, and dogs were also the first earthlings in space, so we’re coming full circle here.


Where’s the (double plus) unlike button when you need it? I’d forgotten about that video.



Soylent cow pies are made out of people! It’s people!



At the risk of sounding disappointed, starting at ‘Microbes may help astronauts transform human waste into food’ and arriving at ‘Future astronaut food could taste like shit’ is a bit of a stretch.
Especially as we are talking about breaking down stuff to its molecular level and reassembling it to form other stuff. Which is something that happens all the time:


Swimming in the slurry
Burning in the heat
Wind blown is the weather
I eat what you secrete

-John Lydon


They’re called plants, and we are astronauts on a deep space mission.


And cows. Cows are basically concentrated processed grass.


Okay. There goes my dream of becoming an astronaut.


Does organic produce taste like cow shit or pigs’ blood? Because those are commonly-used organic fertilizers.

Here we have yet another wide-eyed naif, horrified to discover that life is actually organic and messy and ignorant enough to entertain everyone with their Beavis’n’Butthead-level “Astronaut food will taste like shit, eeewwwww!” fantasies. Hur Hur Hur.

Now, that’s entertainment! /s


So are a few our our fellow astronauts. Wheeee.




mmmmm. so basically meconium…


All atoms in the biosphere recycle endlessly, including the ones currently in your food. Chips and marmalade and Sunday roast are tasty in spite of being made of reprocessed shit.

Writing hysterical headlines saying that astronaut’s food will taste like shit because shit is used to grow it is pig-ignorant - is Betsy DeVos writing your headlines?