Food fit for a cosmonaut


I love astronaut ice cream!


I tasted vanilla, lemon, chocolate, pistachio, all sorts of berries, something fruity with blue and red splotches that was possibly a squashed smurf, but never had an astronaut one. Do they use real organic-grown astronauts, or only the flavor?


oh, how memory fades… ice cream was crap. Space Food Sticks were the BOMB! And? you can order them again

These were the “powerbar” for the 1970’s kid. if you had them in your lunchbox? everyone KNEW you were cool. You wanted to be an astronaut, and you DREAMED big dreams. You wanted a flying car, a jetpack, and a robot dog.

the FUTURE, which we did not get.

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They extract the flavor from used space suits. No astronauts were harmed to make it!


“Astronaut ice scream sucks”

You burn in hell, buddy. That’s the main reason I go to national parks.


See? See? We were decades ahead of those dirty reds!

Came for the Space Food Sticks, was not disappointed.

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Good. I hate it when the food industry tries to get all high-tech with my plastic tubes of space nourishment.

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