FutureCNN creator offers an ad from the future


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/08/futurecnn-creator-offers-an-ad.html


This must be the effect people living in these “echo chambers” I keep reading about.



The satirical notes are exactly the sort of thing that a mark, albeit taken to a mocking extreme.

Is there a missing?


Damn, there was a missing!

Fixed it.


I’m sure this is happening already.



Enjoy these Signs from the near Future:


My favorite was the bandaids over the logo. Was that already a thing?


12 seconds in. Oh my.


Not a bad playroom; I know a few people with similar setups. I just wish we had that kind of space to build something similar. Ah, maybe one day …

I’d happily help hide an undocumented family, but there’s that aforementioned lack of space. Can I donate resources and time to these efforts if we can’t host a family ourselves?


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