Venture capitalists launch Future, an "optimistic" tech site

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First article: “Well Behaved Bubbles Often Make History.”

Yeah, and not for the reasons I’m sure the article is going to detail for us. I’m out. Someone else can read and share this trash that is one step above what we get from commercials.

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The Trash Future podcast has been covering tech without pictures for a few years now

The design’s crisp and legible, if plain, and I especially like the (nearly) complete abandonment of images and video embeds. Pure text! I bet that doesn’t last.

It’s the same kind of statement these guys make when they don’t let their own kids use social networks, e-learning platforms, and other products and services that they make their fortunes from.

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Apparently their view of the future doesn’t include RSS.

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Protocols are the enemies of platforms; and we all know how that particular battle is going these days…

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Will this feature content from our pal Marc himself, of “technology disproportionately helps the poor” fame? This should be good.

(edit: snark aside, did anyone else’s jaw drop slightly on reading this piece? A discussion of how we now live in a revolutionary era of cheap and ubiquitous educational materials; but written in 2021, rather than, say, mid 1450s-ish? At least there’s a true pie chart for the ages:


“Future”? Looks like past to me. Might as well crank it out on a mimeograph and snail mail it to your subcribers.

Just read the article on how standardization would help the shipping and logistics indutry, which studiously ignored the elephant in the room, that JIT manufacturing makes for extremely fragile supply chains, though it probably makes gentlemen like him richer…

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