Gaiman's "Ocean at the End of the Lane" wins UK book of the year prize


Way to end the note:
“Previous winners include EL James’ Fifty Shades Of Grey.”

But really, this is a wonderful book, I’m reading it now and I’m loving it. :smile:

I just got this as one of my Christmas presents and inhaled it at one go before the afternoon was over - it’s a fabulous book. Now I have to reread it more slowly, so I can appreciate it differently.

In its sidelong view of memory, I was very much reminded of Mr. Punch, which I now really want to find a copy of and reread.

(Also got Gene Wolfe’s A Land Across, requested on the strength of the excerpt at A very odd and elliptic book, oddly colored by its narrator’s viewpoint, but I’d expect nothing less.)

Well, right there is the argument against reader-voted awards :wink:

Ocean is an excellent book, so well done Neil. He may need to add a new wing to his house just to store his awards at this rate.

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