Gallery of 3D tattoos


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Why do so many look inflamed?

Will these still look this cool (and they do look cool) in 5 years? Many of them look real because of the high contrast, which as I understand it doesn’t last long.

The photos were probably taken shortly after the ink was applied.

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as opposed to this

Seems like a lot of people like that “inflamed” look. I’ve seen a lot of tattoos like that - some these “peeled away” types and others just outlined with a little red. Seems like a bad design choice, but hey - it’s their skin.

These are just lovely, but I find myself unconvinced they are, strictly speaking, real.

If the Inca one is genuine it’s beyond brilliant.
Edit: Maya, sorry. Tineye points to a lot of tattoo parlours, so it seems it is real.

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