Gallery show floor replaced with 100K miniature skulls you walk on with bare feet




I thought the Greys were much taller.


What Will You Leave Behind?

...A toenail or two, if you don't tread carefully.


Foot cheese is what I will leave behind, next question please.


It's gonna be hell to mop...


Every single one of these horny little bastards is going for the upskirt peek.


I hope they take a note from Ai Weiwei's porcelain sunflower seeds which had to be roped off because people walking on them was creating a cloud of toxic dust.


One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble...


I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.


Reminds me of Shalekhet at the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

I couldn't walk on faces.


What are they made of? I hope soap.

Because a) Clean smelling feet! b) They could be sold as novelty soaps after the exhibit closes!


I rub strawberry jam on my feet before exploring the exhibit because I am a participant.



When I first saw the photo I was thinking that they might be made of some kind of vinyl or rubber, and thus easier on bare feet. They could be used as erasers after the exhibit ends if they were. They would also make interesting Christmas tree ornaments.


Might want to fix the post, Cory - the exhibition is well and truly over at that gallery (and the other place it's been installed), as the link you provide indicates.


Please let the skulls be made of gentle abrasive material ...

... somewhere between meerschaum and pumice ...

... my feet yearn to shed their outer crud on such a surface.


Wow, that has to be the ultimate bacteria farm.


Out here, we call it a Bacteria Ranch. Shows our respect for them tiny yet majestic beasts.

Farming, of course, is when you ranch plant life, such as phytoplankton, or triffids.


You beat me to it. It's pretty horrifying.



The queens WE use would NOT excite you.


Jon Manchip White was there first: