Game destruction testing

I don’t know why I find these videos hilarious: The pacing, the way they find loopholes in games and abuses the hell out of them, or what, but I just do.


“If this were a yelp review, I’d give this place five out of five people stuck together in a bar”

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I like GrayStillPlays. Has some great farming simulator mods.

Playlist: Glove and Boots play video games


Okay, I’m bored, so I’m rewriting a 40-year-old multi-player game. (Advanced version. The original was played on teletypes and video terminals at 110 and 300 baud, and used 2 ASCII character “tiles”. Tank: =-)

This project is inspired by TANK.B302, written by Tim Campbell in 1981, with additional tinkering by Alex Henderson.

A Long Time Ago, On a Computer Far Away…

Tank was a multi-player game running on a HP2000 minicomputer, which was owned a school board in Montreal. The HP2000 provided access to ~30 high schools with ASR33 Teletypes during the day, but was also used covertly in the evenings by local hobbyists with computers/terminals and 300 baud dial-up modems. There had been quite an inter-high school user community online since the mid-seventies with various programs for email, chat, bulletin boards, and games. (Yeah, FOAD poseur Shiva Ayyadurai! I was using Dartmouth Time-Sharing System in 1972, with mail.)

Sadly, the school board didn’t appreciate this extra illicit after-hours activity, first by locking out all accounts with multiple logons (by changing the passwords to CTRL-DEAD, more on that someday, and eventually by gradually switching off the operating system features that made any multi-user programs possible.


Once I’ve finished the Pascal version, I’ll translate it to a Python flask socketio server, so that it can be played in web browsers. Then load it up on a Raspberry Pi (a Pi1 should do, with ludicrous amounts more power and memory than an HP2000), forward a port from the Internet to it, and see what happens.

The game destruction testing part is that, initially, I don’t think I’ll put a limit on the number of players in the game. (The spawn_new_player routine will do its best, but as long as tanks don’t land on tanks, it’s all good.)


I’ll keep that in mind if I need to add currency to the game.

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