Gamers petition IKEA to produce an affordable gaming table


Ivar is for the Lego. Kallax is for LPs. Board games are on built-ins but will be evicted eventually.


And for all the books – BILLY. The best cheapo bookshelf you can buy.

But take my advice and do not buy the TRYSIL wardrobe to store stuff. That thing is one of the longest Ikea builds I’ve dealt with and it’s not all that well put together.

However, I think my Jerker desk will outlast me and future generations.


The fact that that name is on a computer desk never ceases to amuse me.


hey Marc, sorry about that. I got it from the Petition page. I just assumed it was his or he had permission to use. Can I just add a credit line for you? Do you want a link back? Or if you want, I can take it down and replace with another. Again, sorry for the slight.


Adding a Credit is fine. I was just really surprised, is all.


Was the table built by you?


Oh man. I wish! It was built by a company known as ‘Geek Chic’. They
made gaming tables of several sizes and styles. This is the Emissary
table. They traveled to a lot of cons around the US and did quite decent
business. Unfortunately, they just recently had to declare bankruptcy, and
are no longer in business. It is a shame, as they were the premier in
gaming tables.


I have a sad. I really liked their tables even though I never really had the budget for one.


Hi! I’m the poster of the petition. I grabbed the image off of a google image search as an example of what we (the undersigned) would be looking for. I’d be happy to credit you on the petition page as well!


Ah, is that hero quest? man, that brings back some memories…



Thanks, any idea if this is streamed (legally) somewhere?


No idea. Bought the DVD yesterday, but haven’t watched it yet.


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