Gamer gifts ultimate homemade Dungeon Master screen


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I don’t see a space for my 100 sided die. Disappointing.


As a bonus, it takes up the entire gaming table, leaving your players no space for character sheets and maps and the like. This will keep them off-balance, for a unique, confusing game experience!


Solution: Get a bigger table, or a less jealous Boundegar


Sorely tempted now to create one for sci-fi games that looks like a Star Trek console, complete with LCARS screens, and of course the Diceonomicon app for rolling, on your favorite tablet PADD.


You act like you shouldn’t sit at the DM’s feet only being allowed to partake with their divine say-so.


I don’t think I’ve never seen that gif not-looped.


That’s one hell of a gift. I imagine whoever gave him something must have felt pretty inadequate.


Will it give him a better roll?


Pretty sure it replaces using a triple warmer, 2 workout bands and a serving platter, so yes; but favoring workflow.
You know, if the DM’s in the gypsy chair the whole time.


Sigh. Only weenies use dice towers…


Do the bottoms of the dice display cups have some sort of finger hole? Otherwise getting your dice out can be problematic. Be a shame for such a small oversight to show up on an otherwise gorgeous project.



I was thinking the same. The slots for the dice seem to be round so potentially there should be enough space to pop the dice out, but leaving an additional spot to help pop them out will reduce wear and tear/damage on the material.


I don’t even play D&D, but I sure can appreciate the work that went into that project. :thumbsup:


I was going to say the same thing. I haven’t played any paper RPGs in years.


That’s the one.


It’s my favorite. I may or may not have it saved on my phone for quick access.


I think it may be a subtle story of love between the saving throws…