Gallery: Dice galore at Comic-Con


Yes, I like filters too.

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Never played paper RPGs? Say it isn’t so, Rob! What sort of geek are you?


Ooooohhhh, I see. One of those phony poseur wanna-be dice-fetish geeks.

We don’t need your kind around here Mister “Never got killed by a kobold on his first session in the Crypt of the Dark Overlord.”


A couple of those would make great desktop backgrounds. Might you post them in hi-res? :smile:

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This is what mine looked like, back in the day:
This was before ten siders were invented. The classic means of carrying them was a purple velvet Crown Royal bag, years before we could legally drink Crown Royal.


I thought I was the only one… Never played an RPG (not for lack of desire, just could never find anyone else willing) but I loved the dice! I once attended an auction at a local hobby store and won their entire display case full of dice of varying colors and denominations! I wish I had held on to them -


The secret of these mystical crystals: they make numbers!

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The dice in my “White Box” D&D set look just like that. The colors are a little different, though.

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Bah, there’s nothing new here, just the usual… Wait. Is that a d30?

Hadn’t seen those before.

(also: Persona login is very cool)


Don’t have many hipster claims, but I can say I was into killing zombies back in the 80’s, before it was cool.

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Oooh, I do like the Chessex booth when they’re at PAX. I took a Photosynth of them at PAX10 and PAX12 (the former has a few nicer pictures).

Pretty sure those are the dice that came with the “red box” basic set. Did the white box come with dice? I really can’t remember anymore. Also, ten-sided dice are an abomination.

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Dice aren’t what they used to be. Back in the day Elvish craftsmen would use racoon whisker brushes to paint the recessed numbers on the die faces black. Now they just dump the dice into buckets of black paint and then put them in abrading machines that scrap off all of the paint except for the recessed numbers - often seriously warping the original shape of the die. And don’t get me started on cheap dice with plastic tabs sticking out where they were detached from the moulds.

A good test of any dice merchant’s wares is to make a stack of twenty or so of them with the same number facing down on each dice. Measure the height of the stack. Repeat with different numbers facing down. Any variance?


I always wanted to eat the clear dice. They reminded me of Jolly Ranchers.

Then one day I missed my saving throw because I had to slip a second d10 into the roll because the other one had gone missing.

I’m in the program now, almost 25 years.


This old article on the 10 most shameful RPG dice slays me every time


Yes, my white box D&D set came with a set of dice almost identical (see post above) to the ones Snig pictured.

It has been an awfully long time, but as I recall better dice became available by the late 70s. Lou Zocchi’s Gamescience was one the first, if not the first, to offer jewel dice and oddball dice.

Dicegasm! Adam Taylor has a web site that has dice-based games you can download (you will need a LOT of dice!)

I’ve been mad about dice for about 25 years, so whenever I see pictures like these, I have a gibbering nerdgasm. At least I was in the safety of my own home this time, unlike having to check my mouth every few seconds for drool, while at PAX East this year…

Really? Daaaang, I still have most but not all of mine, and I had no idea where they came from. My white box bit the dust decades ago, and I do not wish to know it would now be worth the GDP of a small European nation.