The history of 1970 polyhedral gaming dice

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Everything has a history!

Playing at the World is a great book… though it suffers from him throwing literally every single source he obtained at the reader…sometimes less can be more. But overall, well done and enlightening about the history of gaming.


he includes the dice maps (number arrangements) for the various d20 dice of the 1970s.

Having read his book (tome?), this doesn’t surprise me at all.

It’s Friday, my busiest day at work (not by choice), and now all I want to do is roll dice in a fantasy world!


The Gamescience gem dice were the ones to get. They just looked so cool, especially compared to the low quality TSR dice that we all had. We all wanted the gem dice.

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I don’t have dice that old. Mine are from the mid 80s. I guess my most coveted set is from my cousin that were gem type dice. Not sure what brand they were.

Numbering the d20s 1-20 prevented a lot of table arguments.

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At least the regular TSR dice didn’t degrade like the really cheap ones that slowly chipped away

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I don’t think I have any dice that old any more, just from the 80s on up. (My dice stash is also pretty small compared to other gamers’.)

True. I continued to roll my d20/d10 spheres for a fair bit of time before retiring them.

… read comments by fellow mutants who enjoy the prospect of a weekend.

I keep my 70s Dice Tea handy for those sites that demand a digit in the password.


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