A pound of multi-sided dice

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Multi-sided dice, eh?

I’m holding out for a pound of single-sided dice.



Sometimes you have to be careful using random dice out of a bag. We were playing Paranoia and one guy was rolling terribly (you’re trying to roll low on a D20) We joked about it until he rolled a 22. It was an Icossahedron, but it was numbered something like 5-24. I have no idea what game THAT was for. It’s like accidentally picking up an “averaging die” (a six sider numbered 2-3-3-4-4-5)


Much better than this Chessex pound-o-dice is the Wizdice pound of dice as it contains many full sets of dice instead of the one (1) set in the Chessex pound-o-dice.


I, too, came here to mention Wizdice. I needed D10 and D10(0) for my kinds school a few years ago and I got a pound of each from them. It was plenty of dice so that every second grade classroom could have several sets (and most of the first grade classromms, too.)

Before that, they had been using D6 for practicing additon problems. You don’t get a lot of carries that way and the kids were having trouble with that part of addition consequently. Now, each kid can have a D10 and a D10(0) so that they can roll a two digit number in one roll. Two rolls gets you a nice xx+xx problem. Plus the kids think it’s really cool as they’ve never seen anything but a D6 before.


Game Science have the only proper D4s (result on the bottom, flattened vertices). No other dice manufacturer meets the exacting standards of my childhood nostalgia. They also sell dice by the pound (which I bought and liked.)

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They’re pretty expensive.

This reminds me of the time some friends and I pooled our money and bought a pound of dice out of the back of an RPG-related magazine when we were in high school. When we got the “assorted” dice, three quarters were red, all had sharp corners (which wore off and cracked over time), many had sunken sides, and we had to paint in all the numbers ourselves! We learned a lesson there. These look much better.
(Though, in fairness, I do still have a few of those old dice 25 years later!)


My childhood nostalgia is worth every penny (as is avoiding foot wounds) – I really can’t stand pointy d4s and will pay almost any price to avoid them.
I also got the pound of Wizdice, and they’re fine (once I threw all the d4s into a fire pit whilst screaming "Flatten the vertices! Flatten the vertices you monsters!).
I am not a fan of Chessex.


The dice I got from Wizdice had nicely rounded vertices and edges. How flat do you need them? I’m looking at the picture on the web site you linked and it looks like they all have hard edges and only a little of the corners truncated (not rounded) off.

I don’t think I’ve seen a D4 that had sharp vertices.

The vertices on the d4s are flattened - they’re tiny little planes instead of tiny little points.
The edges of the dice are all sharp. It’s one of their selling points (which I don’t really care about, it’s all about the esthetics to me.)

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Am I the only one that wants to fill up a bathtub of dice and just lie in it?


Ordered! Thanks for the heads-up.


Given even those, I would still consistently fail throws. Never met a D6 that didn’t hate me.

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Has anyone made D4 that are actually D12 or D8s that are numbered 1-4 three or four times?


Oh I know exactly what game that 24-sider was for!


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If that picture is accurate, the bag also contains four sided dice.

Well it wasn’t a 24 sided die, it was a 20 sided die. It just wasn’t numbered 1-20 (or 0-9 twice like us old-timers are accustomed to)

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The Crystal Caste pound of dice has nicer dice and is comparably priced. Plus, it has the bonus of not having any of those manky, speckled Chessex dice in it.