Bag o' gaming dice for $13


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Don’t forget to check for imbalanced dice!


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I’d actually like something like that, all d6. In descending utility, our gaming group uses d6, d10, d4, d20 (usually substituting for d10), d8 and d12. These days, we rarely run D&D, mostly a Champions variant.

35-pack of d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 dice
It was going to be six of each, but one rolled under the couch.


It had help.


He doesn’t do it much any more, but one of our cats was in the habit of playing with dice and marbles (which my kids would lose around the house) on the basement stairs. He’d push them down the stairs, run down, carry them back up in his mouth, wash, rinse, repeat until he got bored.


And then hang onto those dice that are rolling 20’s!


No, Señor Puffington! Bad kitty!


FWIW, you can get a blister-card with 6 - 8 d6 at Dollar Tree.

I’ve seen all-white dice, and mixed color sets.

I’ve also found other gaming-use items there, like incredibly cheap Tarot card sets, sacks of colored-glass tokens, and (on a Halloween season past) a set of miniature monsters, roughly 28mm scale.


It was one of the d4s, and it’s not under the couch. You’ll find it with your bare foot later.

Treacherous little caltrop…


It doesn’t matter how many dice I get - I roll for shit.

I thought my friend had lost/had stolen my tub of dice. I bitched about it for years and then he too got me a big back like that.

3 or 4 years later I found them in box. Now I have lots of dice.


You could dump them on yourself and do the Dice Bucket Challenge.


And kept going…


I just bough Pound-o-dices last week. :anguished:

Wanted Wiz Dice, but for some arcane reason Amazon would:
a) Not ship to my town.
b) Impose crazy shipping fees.
c) Prize it 114€

I love gem dices, I prefer them over opaque ones, no matter the colour. And Pound-o-dices had none.


I asked for Pound-O-Dice for Christmas. It pulled my stocking off the mantel.


We bought the 100 bag of Wizard Dice for our son awhile ago and were very satisfied. They won’t promise you can make any complete sets of matching dice, but reviewers all were able to put together at least a few. He was able to make 15 and the bag actually contained 109 dice!


One of the “also bought” items was a set of ten dice bags. Pretty inexpensive. You could make gift sets of dice with those and the bag of dice or pound of dice.


I saw an Egyptian D20 from 300 BC. It’s funny how many people were wondering how the hell they knew about Platonic solids all the way back then, 50 years after Plato’s death.


Welp, I saw this post and ended up blowing about fifty bucks on dice and stuff. Now the family’s random number generation needs are going to be taken care of forever.