Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons is a real thing


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I don’t have experience with the quality of minis from the Redbox era, but I can imagine the plastic ones were about as good as the ones in this set.


Player 1: “I wanna be a fighter!”
Player 2: “I wanna be a wizard!”
DM: “Sorry, we only have two minis in the set, and they are both demogorgons so that’s what you’ll be. Also, that means that we don’t have any monsters, so I guess you can fight each other.”


The dice look to be too-high quality, though.


Ah yes, I remember polyhedral dice from those days. The resin was so soft that the dodecahedron and icosahedron devolved to near spherical within a few months.


I’m disappointed that the edition (5th) isn’t period correct.


Aw man, I was hoping it was an actual red box release.


Yeah, they were the worst dice ever! Kinda miss them, though.

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The green ones? Wow, you must have put some miles on those puppies!

ETA: Oh, right, those ones with sharp edges that felt like candle wax? I hardly used them before replacing them with some more serious dice.

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Cory, your “perfect RPG shelf” looks so much like mine did. Original Car Wars, Swords and Spells, Runequest, Star Frontiers, Gamma World… I could go on. But no Boot Hill?


I don’t really see tho point of this. Unless you are obsessed with the TV show. However what looks even better is the Kids on Bikes RPG.(

I really think someone needs to produce a TV series based off of the RPG… bunch of middle aged friends sitting around a basement role playing “kids on bikes” (with part of the production being the imagine role playing with cuts/asides to the “reality”).


Yeah, I always wondered why that didn’t catch on. Certainly in the console RPG world, both Red Dead Redemption games are quite popular, but other than Deadlands (which mixes fantasy and horror into it), Boot Hill seems to be the only representative of tabletop Wild West RPGs.

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There’s always John Tynes’ (of Delta Green fame) “Power Kill” RPG. In which the stereotypical murder and looting of D&D style RPGs is revealed to be the delusions of psychopaths and murdered orcs in lairs are actually murdered families in homes. Dark, but it makes you think a bit about the traditional RPG tropes of “heroes”.


Speaking of the dice… where’s the crayon?


Au contraire!


Alternately, don’t support D&D, which is currently being run by a man who actively covered up for harrasser and alleged multiple-rapist Zak S.

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Are you kidding? The minis in this set look amazing by comparison to most of what was around in the red-box era.

And plastic minis? There weren’t any. Lead is where it’s at.

The first plastic minis I can remember being available were in the latter part of the 1980s which I suppose is still just about Red Box era but they were mostly miniatures for other games. The first ones I ever came in contact with was Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop’s offerings. I genuinely can’t remember any others.


At least they didn’t go back to 1979 when they had chits replacing dice.

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No love for Tales from the loop? It’s kind of Stranger Things as role playing.