Dice shaming for disloyal D20s


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What kind of idiot uses a red die for saves? Blue dice are for saves, red are for to-hit rolls. Kids these days. Seriously.


Is there a bigger image? What’s her tattoo supposed to be?

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And pre-marked dice with rounded edges? Sheesh.
Give me a grease pencil and a d20 with vertices sharp enough to put an eye out.


One of my players’ d20 rolled three consecutive ONES in one encounter with the same dice, all the other players and me ended screaming at him for not changing the dice.

Which he didn’t did, and proceeded to roll a 2.

I don’t remember why his character wasn’t hack to pieces, but nowadays he still uses it and it still fails miserably when is most needed.

Also, it´s a butt-ugly dice.


I like to go to gaming shows and perv over the displays of dice. The best ones are where that have huge troughs of dice you can plunge your hands in to… mmmmmm… diiiiiiiice…

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In my gaming group, we were working on a methodology for storing dice after using them (lucky dice to the right, unlucky dice to the left) that would, over time, work, like a uranium centrifuge cascade to sort the lucky from unlucky dice. And yes, the unlucky dice were to get…punished…

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I don’t think you are adequately considering the position that the dice are in here:

Dice are injection-moulded to serve the pitiless and eternal gods of entropy, just as their ancestors have since they were crudely carved from the bones of mortals who, as they all do, lost their battles against those same gods.

These ‘disloyal’ dice are merely the steadfast, the devout, the strong in faith, who reject the supplications of the flesh(y hands of D&D players) in favor of service to the entropic ones. Those dice that favor their all-too-mortal masters will receive their fitting punishment in the heat death of the universe.

The truly disloyal are those dice that deviate from the theoretical distribution due to physical flaws. Cursed are the weighted dice, for great shall be their burden. Cursed are the crooked dice, for they shall never be made straight. Cursed are the dice of rounded edges, for their faces shall be obliterated and they shall be made D1s for eternity.


one of the Steve Jackson games suggested smashing the offending die with a hammer in front of its colleagues and then screaming at them “SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO FAILURES?!”


Ah, Hackmaster!

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“Also, my owner plays D&D and he’s 49.”

“Ma! Meatloaf!”

And always have a few pre-rolled dice handy for emergencies.

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