We use our silicone mini pinch bowls every day

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These are also good to use for boardgames pieces.


I have a set of tiny glass bowls I use for a lot of this stuff at home, and at Culinary school I use little metal ones like these - but the metal ones can be a pain to clean. I’m not allowed to bring glass ones to class, so these silicone ones might be the perfect option!


I use these for everything!!! They are simply the best pinch bowls. And these ones are cheaper than the last time I got 'em. Thanks!

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@frauenfelder “I use them to sort vitamins and supplement powder”

That may be nature’s way of telling you to stop wasting your money on vitamins and supplement powder.


No. they’re way too big to be used like that.

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I’m starting to realize why Fraunfelder is so enamoured of trust fund “minimalists” - he impulse buys every absurdly limited single-use kitchen tchotchke that makes it within his peripheral vision. Guy’s kitchen has gotta be about 800 square feet of crap stacked upon crap.

Bento fans use a lot of silicone bowls and containers for stuff.


Holy crap! This is exactly what I was talking about to my wife this morning. Do you get reports directly from my Amazon Echo Dot? Geez…
Perfect for our To Go Bags.

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@SuprWittySmitty may have been making a joke, that the bowls were too big to be used AS gaming pieces when you wrote “…good to use FOR boardgames pieces.”

Or maybe I just have a goofy sense of humor.

I really like these little bowls and love the idea of using them to hold game pieces, and other non-edibles. Whenever I see little silicone molds and containers the first question I usually ask myself is how useful and practical would they be for casting molten pewter - since silicone is capable of surviving that if some thought is put into it.

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I prefer glass because it’s less ‘sticky’ and stuff doesn’t stick to it quite as easily. We have about 20 custard bowls that we use for prep bowls and it’s the set of dishes that gets the most use in our household.

My wife and I cook nightly. I generally prep and she cooks, so these let me setup a mise en place for her ahead of time - we’ve even re-written some of our favorite recipes to accomodate this. (Example: instead of a big list of ingredients, it’s broken up by section, and ingredients that can go into the same bowl are grouped together as well.) This has not only sped up our weeknight cooking but it makes it way easier to clean up.

Or you could 3D print a zillion of these for a few cents per, in your choice of color and size. (yeah yeah yeah printer amortization cost shut up)

I prefer glass, too (though as I mentioned I can’t use it in the commercial kitchen) - but silicone is pretty nonstick itself too, compared to, say, a plastic version of this.

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