Silicone whisks are easy to clean

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I hate silicone kitchen tools. They pull grease and dirt out of the air the instant they are cleaned, are impossible to keep clean.

Who wants a whisk that wont beat?


You beat me to it.


" I avoided using my wire whisks because the cleaning was always a bit more trouble than I cared for."

Yeah, putting them in the dishwasher is a bitch.


Exactly. Especially since the example given is using them for raw eggs. A simple rinse-off with hot water isn’t going to get silicone any cleaner or microbe-free than stainless steel.

I never have those problems with square silicone potholders, but then again they rarely touch food, so they’re subject to a lower standard of cleanliness.

I think there’s different qualities of silicone used, depending on manufacturer (and country?). I’ve seen what @seyo is reporting, but those few tools were moved on from my kitchen because they weren’t worth keeping. Good quality silicone doesn’t do that.

Pfft, I prefer my turn of the century Bethesda cast iron whisks. Sure, they weigh 13 pounds each, but they are perfectly seasoned.


Only cast iron whisks made from 1902-1907 in Ohio count.


I only use artisinal whisks constructed from the phalanges of my vanquished enemies.

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