Collapsible silicone kitchen strainer


I find the silicone strainers harder to clean. pasta gets stuck in the holes and doesn’t come out as easily as it does in a rigid strainer.

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I have a similar one and it works great for those smaller jobs. It doesn’t replace a larger one for big buckets o’ pasta, etc., but good for hot dogs, box o’ mac n cheese, veggies, etc. My kitchen in small so having it collapsible is very valuable to me.

Me too. I frequently cook for 1 or 1.5 people as well, so big isn’t as important as handy.

If only I had a silicone kitchen that needed straining…

…I’ll show myself out.


How is it different from:

BB aren’t getting paid to promote that one … :wink:


I’ve had one for years (they’re hardly new). Nice thing is that they clean up fine in their collapsed form, in the dishwasher. Holes are too big for draining rice, though.

This is a great utensil, but be aware that it will break at the handle joint. It may take a while, but one day, when you have happily strained a pile of spaghetti, and are bouncing the thing over the sink to drain off the water, you will hear a snap, the silicone strainer piece will be sitting in the sink and you’ll be holding the handle.

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The colanders are handy for car and canoe camping because they make great dish racks for drying and holding the dishes.

Could be useful as a pool cap for the FSM followers.


We have a full-sized one … the handles will extend so you can hang it across your sink. But, like others, I find myself using the metal one more. Especially when I forget the strainer and go, “oh, shit!” and need to grab one with one hand and put it in the sink quickly.

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