Plumbing advice for a sink strainer

Last day I happened to see a thread on silicone kitchen sink strainer Good, inexpensive silicone kitchen sink strainer. But unfortunately that thread is closed. The impressive feature of the silicone strainer is that it won’t hurt your fingers and is easy to clean the food debris. Unfortunately, I could not find such a strainer during my frantic search.
It is quite confusing what kind of strainer to select among the different varieties in the market.
To be honest, I hate plumbing or the sight of standing water in a clogged sink.
After the sink strainer in my kitchen sink started rusting, I was in search of good lasting strainers. I had a difficult time replacing it. Had to seek the help of professional plumbers toronto. Usually, a strainer comes along with a new sink or basin. I had to buy an expensive stainless steel combination because I wanted to avoid rusting. Though a friend of mine suggested plastic level strainer which are cheap, I thought of investing in a strainer with a locking mechanism.

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