Set of 3 mesh kitchen strainers for under $7

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I’m usually trying to pay more for these things. Even so, they don’t last long.

In the topic list I read this as “mesh kitten strainers”. At first I thought Boing Boing had reached a new low, then I realized its been too many years since I got new glasses.

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Careful when “tapping” these on the counter to shake out water, etc. because the spot/friction welds will break over time. Otherwise good strainers.

I, too, glance-read it as such with my aging eyeware.
Am still slightly traumatised.

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I’d pay a (moderate) premium for a strainer that had a good system, or even just decent instructions, on how to clean the damn things.

Don’t let the residue dry on, use a washing-up brush. Works for me, anyway.


How else would you make kitten parfait?

As to cleaning, I just shove them in the dishwasher.
Just to clarify: the used strainers go in the dishwasher.

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