This sink strainer is fun to clean

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Feel free to come over and empty my Tubshroom.


Look, I know we’ve been in a global pandemic for a year now, and all, but we’re not that desperate. You’re really straining the definition of fun.


Indeed. Cleaning any sink strainer is never fun. There are many holes in Mark’s proposition.

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Also, while I’m here… @frauenfelder …seeing as you keep reposting about your favourite veg peeler but the comments are always closed as it is always a repeat post from yonks ago… I strongly recommend this veg peeler which has the attributes of your favourite, but the added design feature of a 45 degree angle makes peeling hugely more efficient. The difference it makes was a revelation to me! Though it does assume right-handedness and I have no idea if they make a left-handed version.


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Do you have to keep printing new ones, or is it laminated?


seems out of stock. :man_shrugging: but the 2-in-1 strainer+stopper is in stock.

Moreover, that looks quite some cruel and unusual punishment for perfectly fine food scraps.

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As seen in Fargo S.6 with Ari Shaffir, Fraser T. Smith, and Texas Snow Patrol. Fun!
Also whole separate crew in charge of never connecting Sink to sewer traps in presence of sink user keeps it fun. All food scraps no brakes. Can’t spell humours without u. Acrylic Pour Through a Sink Strainer | Dirty Pour - YouTube


Bless OXO

This sink strainer is fun to clean

Turns work into play. Just like a lucky dip. Along with hair, coffee grounds and small insects you’ll find lost wedding rings, silver dollars, missing keys and fingernail clippings - as well as proto-fatbergers and a wholesome amount of goop. Turn what was once an icky chore into a profitable hobby. But remember - perseverance pays. You only get out what you put in.


Seems like lamination would remove the idea of the subject suffering, and we can’t have that.

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Note to potential buyers: the blade is fixed, so this cannot be used by lefties.

I did say

And I’ve since checked and there is no leftie version. However, the blade can be removed (it is not fixed) and turned upside-down, to enable leftie use, though the hollow part of the handle would then be upwards. Not that this would impede its functionality much.

I did not see that option of modification when I clicked on the link; thank you for providing more info.

Well, it IS my favourite, and sitting in my kitchen drawer, so easy to check. :wink:

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