This machine washable silicone dishwand replaced my sponge one

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For what it is worth: Soaking wet sponge in a bowl with a bit of extra water, microwave for 2 mins = sterile sponge. I do it once a week and try and keep it dry between uses.


Much like my yogurt, I’m not sure I really want my sponge to be sterile. Moldy and gross, obviously not, but some level of local bacteria is probably good for me as long as I have a healthy immune system.

Besides I can’t see this thing doing much aganist dried on egg unless my soap of choice has pumice in it.


It doesn’t look super durable.


OCD + Marketing.

Looking forward to the social media’s rediscovery/rebirth of the sponge in 18 months.

“10 reasons you need to use a sponge the next time you…”


“I no longer pine for my Scotchbrite dishwand.”

How do you feel about Pine-Sol?

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He’s no longer a True Scotsman for it?

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Except for Chryseobacterium hominis and Moraxella osloensis, apparently.

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I’m a bristle brush guy, myself

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Be sure to check out This device kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria in your sponges. Soaking them or microwaving has not been proven to work. This American-made device has been 3rd party tested and proven. The kit is $39 and comes with a 2 month supply of their safe, natural cleaning solution. Free shipping.

Yes, I do PR work for the company but only because I’m obsessed with the product. My husband never let me have a sponge in the house until now. The amount of paper towels we went through was really embarrassing and bad.

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