This super-clean sponge scrubs without collecting bacteria

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I tried one of these sponges. Don’t buy it.

Standard sponges grow bacteria, yes. Keep the one you use for dishes separate and change it regularly.


I second @AndreStmaur . These are not sponges as we think of them. Yes, they stay cleaner – because they don’t absorb anything. They can scrape food from a surface, but not very well. Avoid.


Not sure why the “bristles” need to be so long that they lose their rigidity. Instead they trap all the food particles and don’t always rinse out. I would think that it would work better with shorter, sturdier nubs so that they actually have some scrubbing power without trapping food inside.

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I use two sponges for kitchen tasks: one dedicated to dishwashing and one for surface cleaning. They are regularly microwaved and replaced when needed.

We bought a set of these too. Hate 'em, especially the way the sides keep curling around your hands as you try to scrub. They’re fine for light stuff, but so is the sink sprayer, they do suck at gunked-, or burnt-, on things.

They work excellently at removing pet hair from carpeting though!

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