This is the best pot scrubber

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Every now and then, the BB Amazon links happen to nail one of my current needs.


OXO makes great stuff. I’ve bought a plethora of their stuff (squeegee, screwdrivers, peelers, cutting boards, ice cream scoop, spatulas, rolling pin, muffin pan & more) and it is all first rate.

It is one of the brands I know nothing about other than that they make good stuff, which, I suppose, is the real value of a good trademark.


I use a similar one. Only problem is it gets moldy and it’s a bit of an effort to clean. Mine lasts for a couple of years before the bristles flatten out and lose their scrubbing action.


I’ve had a series of these Oxo scrubbers for a few years now … I highly recommend them. They are extremely easy and comfortable to use, do a quick job of all the food-ish scummy stuff on dishes, pots, and pans, and they are easily cleaned by simply throwing them in the silverware basket in the dishwasher. They won’t remove really baked or burnt on grease stains like the rough side of a scrub sponge will do … but they’re really not meant to (TL;DR – you still need a scrub sponge).

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I have been using this one with a small handle for years and love it. Don’t even have a grill or panini press, but the short bristles let me really scrub hard when that is needed. And I grab it by the head and use the handle to push stuff into the disposal when needed.

Will it remove paraquat?

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