This is the best pot scrubber

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Usually when you see the word pot in a title on BB, you don’t expect it to be about washing dishes.




Read the headline as “post scrubber” and thought it would be about “social” media.


I’ve often found the various OXO brushes to be well-designed ergonomically, but with bristles that just don’t hold up to anything beyond the most moderate use.

This is the best pot scrubber.


Not for a ceramic pot.


Use this same scrubber every day. I have to do a quick pre-scrub on everything because I have the world’s worst dishwasher, but this scrubber makes it super easy. It’s not meant for the real baked on/caked on stuff, but it will do everything else. I just throw it in the silverware bucket and it comes out of the dishwasher like brand new.


If you upgrade for a couple dollars to the OXO with the soap dispenser built into it (same style as what you’re showing), it has swappable bristles on the base. Amazon sells the bristle base in two packs and I’ve had the top part for about 4 years now and it still works like a charm, I do have to flush it with water every 4-6 months or the soap dries and builds up around the stopper and it leaks a little when sitting on the back splash of the sink. I do love the style for scrubbing the hell out of my pots and pans as you can really lean into it when scrubbing it in the sink.

I’m going to go re-evaluate my life now as I just said I love a pot scrubber with no sarcasm or irony intended.


For really tough stuff I’ve started using a drill brush. Just what it sounds like, a brush head that you can use with a drill/driver. I have also finally “discovered”* the magic eraser. It’s a melamine foam that has a really good mild abrasive. That thing just cleans off marks that would take a bunch of scrubbing otherwise. Note: it is indeed an abrasive, all caveats apply.

*I put “discovered” in quotes because I suspect it may be like Columbus “discovering” America in that everyone else already knows about it but it’s new to me. Regardless, if you haven’t tried one of those things you should. Carefully.


It looks decent but due to the standard one-up-man-ship game I’m obligated to post my favorite. Normally I buy the round ones from target which are rainbow colored but I can’t find then now… :expressionless: On the bright side they have ones with black bristles now on their website which I might need to try!

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I’ve used a thorn twig these fifty years and more, and what was good enough then is good enough now. And I don’t want to cletter the dishes more quickly, neither.


I have it on good authority that the best pot cleaner in the world is Specially Selected Tortoise Brand.

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The best pot cleaner made, is the one that fits your child’s hand best =).


I agree and IMO if you’re applying hard pressure to any other cleaning tool you haven’t soaked your pot properly!

The only thing I have to use elbow grease for in the cafe (regardless of soaking) is the boiled-on eggwhite at the bottom of stainless steel poaching pans and nothing beats those silver pot scrubs for that task.

The problem is the little metal bits that come off as they degrade. Those are a hazard in a food prep area and a hassle in dishwasher filters.


My favorite pot cleaner is a simple device. You put you leafy substance in one end and turn the crank. Your pot comes out cleaned on the other end. So simple…

And I would never use a little mop! ‘Tis prettier than an apple bloom, my little mop.


The 1968 BBC version, a 3-eipisode mini-series, is up on youtube, episode 1 here - – with
Alastair Sim as Amos and Brian Blessed as Reuben! The video quality is for crap and the actors go WAY over the top in a mostly futile stab at comedy (even Blessed goes too far!) but it’s worth it for the Alastair Sim completists – and who among us does not Stan for Alastair!? Movie-Amos McKellen did a very creditable impression of Sim-ish lip-smacking in his first scene, at the breakfast table. Sir Ian knows the score.


Thanks! I reread the book every few years, and love the movie, but didn’t know about the series.

Cool! I vaguely remember watching it on PBS in the early 70s – “I saw something nasty in the wood shed” lodged permanently in my impressionable child-brain – but never ran across it online until a couple of weeks back when the movie on my usual (pirate) streaming site went bad and I had to go looking for a new one. Ahhh, 1970’s PBS… Time to watch “I, Claudius” again! And to continue the futile search for a comprehensive streaming collection of “The Great American Dream Machine”.

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