OXO good grips deep clean brush set

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I’d love a brush made to clean up computer keyboards. Even narrower than a tooth brush, so it can fit between rows of keys.

Hard to beat OXOs warranty. If it breaks - ever, they’ll replace it, no questions asked.

I had an OXO electronic kitchen scale. The LED readout started to fail, with some of the segments not working. I didn’t have the receipt. I didn’t even recall how many years I’d owned it. But I called up their customer service line (answered by a person in the USA). I explained what was wrong. She gave me an email address, and asked me to send a picture of the malfunctioning display, along with my name and address. Five days later, a brand new scale was waiting for me at the FedEx office.


You can heat a toothbrush handle and bend it like that.

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And similarly file down the end of a toothbrush for a shiv.


When the brittle old plastic tuning peg buttons on a banjo I bought crumbled I sawed a toothbrush handle into pieces, melted holes in them with a heated wire, and shoved them onto the metal pegs before the plastic cooled. That kept me going until I ordered new tuners some time later. I have a stabby tactical pen so I don’t need a stabby toothbrush handle.

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If you have a banjo you don’t need a shiv…

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