The best way to get rid of dog hair is this rubbery sponge

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it’s actually a floating, roiling ocean of hair, dander, and billions of particles of shit, settling to form an invisible veil of filth on everything and everyone within.


quit giving out plot lines, Rob.


Or, listen to Quentin Crisp, “There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.”


Presumably the actual most effective way to get rid of dog hair would be to get rid of dogs, but this sponge device seems like a sensible compromise.


Does it work if you touch the dog with the sponge?


The pushbrooms with the little rubber or silicon bristles also work amazingly well for pet hair on both bare floors and carpets, and you can use them standing up. This sponge looks useful for furniture.

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You can get rid of the dog but the hair remains.


Don’t try it, your dog might end up like this:


Not available in my country.
Could it go under some other name?

So for digging up big ropes/balls of pet hair, you can just use a (clean) pair of shoes with a flat, rubber sole. Chuck taylors are good.

I saw someone do this long back, and it’s a great trick. The hair belonged not to a dog, but a couple of long haired dudes who’d lived in the house for some years. (One of which was me)

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Any brick of slightly foamed rubber or latex will probably do the trick. It should feel much heavier than a normal sponge, flexible and rubbery. It’s not just a coating and it’s not a lightweight foam such as styro or melamine. Some say it’s the same stuff long sold to get soot off fireplace tile, but I’m dubious.

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These sponges deteriorate and get crumbly quickly, leaving bits of rubber all over. I recommend simple mailing tape. You can buy it in bulk.

Ours has lasted about three months without noticeable deterioration (see the photo), for what it’s worth. At $6 each I bet a box would be worth it even if it crumbled to dust the next time I used it

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