Quick, easy and good smelling tear stain remover for dogs

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This is an actual thing? Thank God for cats!


Tomorrow I’ll blog about my problems with cat litter.


I found it easier not to make my Spaniel sad in the first place.


No need! Mine needs a scoop.

We actually covered a superior litter scoop in BB several months back, and I can vouch for its utility and effectiveness. OTOH, if someone comes up with a way I can de-mat my longhair cat without making him turn into the Tasmanian Devil, I’m all ears. I have a Furminator on order, but all my previous implements of destruction were ineffective or annoying or painful (as evidenced by ‘that’s enough’ nips after a few seconds).


Have you tried a de-matting comb?

Works better as a prevention device for “painlessly” cutting through any minor tangles before they become a big mat.



I never knew that tears smell like anything!

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Can we send some to the Trumpster on November ninth?

Dude, don’t go all guilt-trippin’ on Weisberger. Sometimes dogs are just, y’know, sad.

I think it’s in their genetic makeup or something.

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